Sessa Takuma akido Tuesday Brussels

“As your training progresses, always remember that the key to gaining the ability for spontaneous and creative technique lies in good ukemi.” (Saotome Mitsugi sensei)


Aikido – Rolling and Flexibility

Tuesday and Thursday morning 8.00-9.00

Objective and target group:

The course is for those students of all level who wish to gain more and more freedom on the mat through developing their flexibility and rolling (ukemi) skills. It is an excellent chance to start the day with a refreshed mind and body.

Course description:

The class starts with the five basic stretching exercises of Japanese yoga (Makko-ho) and continues with practicing rolling (ukemi) individually and with partner. There are tens of different types of ukemi in Aikido although usually only three types are taught by most instructors. The limited knowledge of ukemi limits the possibilities one can have in escaping from/adapting to different situations on the mat. Likewise the more types of ukemi one learns the more freely s/he can react and the more fluid his/her movements become.

Practicing ukemi is also an excellent way to maintain general fitness. It helps, to a great extent, to understand that it is up to both partners to make the technique work.