Gergő Paqualetti 6th Dan Aikikai


Gergo Pasqualetti, aikido, Sessa Takuma, dojocho, Brussels

Gergő had his first introduction to Aikido at his age of eight.  He started his first dojo as a university student. He regularly attends international coaching seminars in Europe and Japan to further develop his skills. Gergő received his 6th Dan degree in Japan, in 2024.

Gergő believes that Aikido is a tool to induce positive change in life, including in the fields of inter-pesonal relations, leadership skills, self-development, stress-management and peaceful conflict resolution. He is convinced that Aikido is much more than “just” an enjoyable physical activity. It must become a practical toolkit for everyday life. After all, Aikido should be practiced as a spiritual path (“Do”). By profession, Gergő is a lawyer and a diplomat. Since 2019 he is the Secretary General of the European Aikido Federation.