Sessa Takuma aikido Brussels Pasqualetti Thursday class advanced

“Aikido has no form – it is the study of the spirit.”

(Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido)

Aikido – Main Principles

Wednesday 18.00-19.00

Objective and target group:

The course is mainly for advanced students who wish to discover how to use their body and mind in a relaxed yet efficient way. It is recommended primarily for those who already have a certain degree of understanding of the forms but wish to go beyond and explore what really makes Aikido an exceptionally powerful Martial Art.

Despite the course being advanced, beginners are very welcome too. It will surely accelerate their progress.

Course description:

Instead of focusing too much on the form, this course puts emphasis on the substance of AI-KI-DO: the KI. It is impossible to explain what KI is, but it can be definitely felt, developed and strengthened through regular and appropriate practice. The various “KI-test” exercises developed by Nakamura Tempu, Koichi Tohei, Seigo Yamaguchi and Endo Seishiro sensei are largely used to experiment with (unlimited) KI rather than using (limited) physical power.

During the class, good connection with the partner is essential and understanding how the mind controls the body is key. Through playful exercises traditional roles, as attacker (Uke) and defendant (Tori), are fading away. Self development through co-operation (as opposed to competition!) is in focus creating a “win-win” mindset and a friendly atmosphere.