Sessa Takuma aikido Brussels Pasqualetti

“ You have to master the very basics solidly, with your body, and then proceed to develop to the higher levels…” (Gozo Shioda, 10th dan Aikido master)

Aikido – Basic forms
Friday lunchtime 12.00-13.00

Objective and target group:

This course aims at drilling basic forms (kata) of Aikido. A detailed, easy-to-follow explanation will be provided by the instructor, breaking down the techniques to the level of detail which allows beginners to acquire a solid basis with a view to their advanced studies.

It is an excellent opportunity for advanced students to master their techniques, work on their sticking points and overcome their weaknesses. By truly internalizing the ‘bread-and-butter’ forms they will experience a surprisingly steady growth in their performance.

It is the best start for beginners and highly recommended for advanced students, especially those who are aspiring to become assistant instructors one day.

Course description:

Each form is practiced from standing position (tatte) and sitting position (suwatte), and from two directions (omote/ura). You will practice rolls and falls, steps, posture and movements which are all parts of the course.

At the end of the first ten months (one year) cycle, beginners, who regularly attend the classes, will be eligible for the first grade in Aikido (referred to as the 5th kyu) by examination or promotion.

“I might go so far as to say that the techniques tested at the 5th kyu level can probably teach you all you ever need to know about the way to use your body and mind.” (Endo Seishiro sensei, 8th dan Aikido shihan, direct student of the Founder)